About Us

We are Curtis D. and Joan C. Sjolander.  We were married in 1982.  We have lived in Wheelock, VT since 1984.  We have three children:  Ethan, Seth and Teala.

They have been educated at home since 1996.



Born in Massachusetts, but Vermont has been his permanent address since he was 3 years old.  He did not grow up on a farm, but a dairy farm was next door for most of his childhood. 


Received Bachelor of Science degree in 1980 and Master of Engineering degree in 1981 in Computer and Systems Engineering from RPI.


Proprietor of Wheelock Computer Development since 1985, doing technical consulting, computer software publishing, and custom and contract computer software development.


Member of Sheffield-Wheelock Volunteer Fire Department since 1985.


Vendor at Caledonia Farmers’ Market Association since 1988.


Moderator, Town of Wheelock since 1990.




Born in Fingerlake region of New York state, and raised mainly in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts.  Often visited her uncles’ farms as a child.


Received Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1982.


Employed as a visiting Nurse by Caledonia Home Health Care Agency since 1984.


Received certification in the nursing specialty of Wounds, Ostomies, & Continence in 1987.



Trout, Vegetables, and More...