About The Farm


The farm is located in Northeastern Vermont (commonly called the "Northeast Kingdom of Vermont") in the towns of Lyndon and Wheelock which are near the town of St. Johnsbury. We own a total of about 48 acres in two parcels. One parcel in the town of Wheelock (about 28 acres) contains our home, attached greenhouse, barn with trout rearing tanks, maple sugarbush and woodlot. The other parcel (about 20 acres), about a 10 minute drive from our home, in the town of Lyndon has the main gardens, hoop houses, storage sheds, pasture, softwoods and undeveloped land. We refer to this second parcel as "Lyndon Land" to differentiate it from our home lot in Wheelock. A third parcel we use is on Curts brothers land in St. Johnsbury (about a 10 minute drive from "Lyndon Land") where there are garden plots.

The products sold from this farm include: trout, mixed vegetables, vegetable and flower plants, herbs, and various preserves. Other products raised include pork, chicken, berries, maple syrup, and apples, but these are grown in small quantities and are mainly for family consumption.

We sell at the Caledonia Farmers Market in St. Johnsbury. We have been a vendor at this market since 1988.

We sold shares in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We operated our CSA from 1994 through 2015 (22 seasons).

We have been licensed by the state of Vermont to raise trout since 1991.

We also sell to area restaurants.

Pond Garden Potatoes 2010