CSA program has been discontinued...

2015 was the last year of operation.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a concept in which consumers purchase shares of the harvest before planting season. The consumer pays a fee in the spring, and in return receives a whole season's worth of vegetables. Participating in a CSA operation has real advantages. The advantages include: Freshness and quality - most items are hand-picked just the day before you pick up your share; Environmentally responsible - supporting sustainable management of your neighboring farms; Supports the local economy - you are supporting your neighboring farms, not huge multinational conglomerates; Saves money - for each of the past 21 years that this CSA operation has existed the sharers have received great value for their dollars spent.

Changes for 2015

Basically just last like year except that we are taking off a single Saturday, August 22. Our son Seth will be getting married that day, so we will not be vending at the farmersí market that day. You have a choice of two sizes as before (small and large), with just one season. Any 12 pickups during the months of July through October. We are holding our prices the same as last year.

CSA Season

The CSA season will open on July 4 and close on October 31. In other words: every Saturday in July, August(except for August 22), September, or October (17 Saturdays in all) are pickup days. Choose any 12 of those 17 weeks to pick up. Each sharer will have the use of a plastic bin which you can fill with whatever you want from the available vegetable crops (you receive a bin to use at your first pickup). All in-season crops will be available on a first come - first serve basis although most crops will be available in abundance.

Share Choices

There are two share sizes. You may purchase any number or combination of share types (provided that the farmís total number of shares is not exceeded). The two share sizes are "Large" and "Small":

Choice Details Price
Large 18 quart bin for 12 pick-ups $324
Small 12 quart bin for 12 pick-ups $216

What is in a share?

All shares consist of vegetables only (trout, maple syrup, bedding plants, preserves or cut flowers are an extra price option). The large share is designed to feed a couple or small family (depending on what proportion of your diet are vegetables) for the summer and fall.

For a large share, you will be able to fill a 4.5 gallon (18 quart) container with whatever is in season. For a small share, you will be filling a 3 gallon (12 quart) container with whatever is in season. You can join with someone else to buy a large (or small) share, but it will be up to you to coordinate any details about dividing your share, etc..

During a season you are allowed to pick up a total of 12 times. You may choose when those 12 pickups are to take place.

What you find available will change as the growing season progresses. Early in the season, there are greens, scallions, and lettuces. Next come peas, baby carrots and new potatoes. Then beans, summer squash, and cucumbers. Then tomatoes start to ripen, mid season potatoes are available, peppers are ready, and onions bulb up in late summer. In the fall come the winter squashes, the storage onions and pumpkins.

We use multiple plantings, various varieties, and other techniques to lengthen the harvest period of any one kind of vegetable. We mainly grow the standard vegetables that most people are familiar with, but also have smaller plantings of herbs, specialty items, and "exotics."

Pick up Time and Place

Saturdays 9AM-1PM at the Mountain Foot Farm booth at the Farmers' Market in downtown St. Johnsbury.

Deadlines and Payment Options

Deadline for signing up for the CSA shares is July 4.

There is an "early bird" discount of $10 per share for sign up and payment in full by May 16 ("early bird" discount is not available for the optional 3 payment plan).

You may pay in full at the time of sign up or take the optional 3 payment plan, in which you pay 1/3 of the total by May 16, 1/3 by June 6, and the final 1/3 by July 4. A large share would be three $108 payments. A small share would be three $72 payments.

Vermont Farm Share Program

Our farm participates in the Vermont Farm Share Program. This program subsidizes CSA shares for our neighbors who otherwise could not afford to join our CSA. Through the program, NOFA-VT will match each dollar that our CSA raises to offer reduced rates to income eligible individuals and families. Your contributions are tax-deductable if you make checks payable to NOFA-VT. Please see the attached donation form on our CSA application.

How to Sign up

Follow this link to the CSA Signup Form , print out the form and mail it with a check made out to Mountain Foot Farm.

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