Restaurant Sales


Mountain Foot Farm sells its own locally raised brown trout and selected vegetables to area restaurants.

Locally Raised Brown Trout

10 - 12 inch Brown Trout - $4.50 each.

Whole trout (with head and tails intact): harvested, gutted, de-gilled and cleaned within 24 hours of delivery. We do not fillet our trout.

Delivering our own strictly fresh Brown Trout every Thursday to central Vermont as well as the St. Johnsbury area .

Payment terms: Net 30 days.

Free samples available so you can see exactly what you will be getting.

We have been raising trout for over a dozen years, selling them at local farmers markets and directly to consumers. We have recently expanded our production and have a continuous supply of fresh, locally raised 10-12 inch Brown Trout available for sale to a limited number of quality restaurants.

We limit the number of quality restaurants that we regularly sell our trout to, because we strive to maintain our quality and consistency and be able to reliably meet your week-in and week-out needs for quality locally raised trout.

Aspects of Mountain Foot Farm Quality:

  • Cold, fresh, spring water
  • High quality feed
  • Absolutely no medications used
  • Small scale attention to details


We can deliver vegetables to St. Johnsbury area restaurants. Prices are our usual Farmers Market price less 15% restaurant discount. Minimum order is $15 or combination delivery with existing trout order.

Contact us directly for availability and details.

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