Trout To Eat


Mountain Foot Farm raises and sells brown, brook and rainbow trout.

Edible size (9 inches and up) trout are available for sale to individuals on a year round basis. We sell them to individuals at the Farmers Markets (and by special order) by the piece at the following rates:

Length Price
9" $3.00
10" $3.75
11" $4.50
12" $5.50
13" $7.00
14" $9.00
15" $12.00

Trout in the 9-12 inch categories are usually continuously available.

Trout to be sold for eating are gutted, de-gilled and cleaned, then wrapped in plastic or sealed in a plastic bag. The trout are then kept at refrigerator temperatures until delivery to the customer.

Every fresh trout sold is guaranteed to have been alive less than 24 hours before delivery.

Frozen trout are also available and are guaranteed to have been frozen for less than 2 months at the time of delivery.

Special orders for fresh trout may not be able to meet precise size specifications because of the difficulty of measuring a live (and moving) fish.

Special orders for individuals during the season when Farmers Markets are not operating are possible. Please contact us for details.

Restaurants interested in obtaining trout, please see the Restaurants Sales page.

Trout at market